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Imagine a journey to Sicily, with its colours, the sea, Mount Etna , the baroque  architecture and  its traditional festivals. Imagine you are sitting at a table of a superb restaurant and are enjoying  the most amazing Sicilian cuisine.

But wouldn’t it be nice to view Sicily in a different light? Thanks to the skills developed organising Sicily’s Festival of Granita, the Nivarata Experience will take you to great places for foodies .

This way, you will be able to enjoy, but also to discover, the history behind a granita and  – why not? – make it with your own hands .

 Our tour.

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The Nivaroli Tour

An excursion for those who love nature and good food. We will take you around by jeep to visit the most beautiful places of Etna volcano, passing by lava flows, craters and “snow” caves, where snow was kept in the summer to make the famous ” Sicilian Granita.”

Travel, Discover, Enjoy!

Tour & Food Tasting in a typical patisserie in the Etna area

We will take you to one of the best and  most ancient patisseries of the Etna area. After a guided tour of the kitchen lab, you will taste traditional patisserie produce as well as granita accompanied by the traditional “brioche col tuppo” .

Tour details

The tour includes an excursion to Parco dell’Etna, the highest volcano in Europe. A fascinating tour to explore the history, culture and natural beauty of the volcano. We will lead you to discover the fascinating volcanic phenomena, walking through centuries-old woods, craters and distinctive Etna lava formations. You will admire lava flows from different ages, a cave from which they extract lava stones on the slopes of Etna and main sights like Pietra Cannone, Monte Fontana, Valle del Bove, grotta neviera,  Monti Sartorius.

 Volcanic cave exploration

Etna is extremely rich with lava extinguished caves, generated over various eruptions. We will let you experience the thrill of going down into the volcano underworld and discover the ancient craft of ” nevaroli”. Snow was stored in the caves up until summer, when it was used to prepare delicious granitas!

Sicilian wine and food

At lunchtime we will visit one of the most well-known local vinery, where you will admire the vineyards while tasting wine and delicious typical food.

The making of granita

During the tour we will make hand-made granita, as they used to do in ancient times when they didn’t have refrigerators!

The tour may be subject to change due to atmospheric events or natural hazards.


  • Means of Transport: Jeep 4×4
  • Tipology: group (6 people minimum)
  • Level of difficulty: Easy
  • Duration: half a day
  • Languages: Italian and English
  • Available: march to october included
  • Included in cost: transfer A/R, tour rep, food tasting in a typical patisserie, helmets for excursion in the cave, view of ancient tools to make granita. Preparation of hand-made granita.

Sicilian cooking lesson: La granita Siciliana

Our tour will start from Acireale’s food market, with the explanation of the produce displayed. Next, we will buy all the ingredients necessary for our “sweet ” lesson in the cooking lab.

Our talented ice cream maker will teach you how to prepare the real traditional “Sicilian Granita” , which will be made ​​with the ingredients bought from the market.In this lesson we will prepare typical Sicilian granita flavours, such as  lemon, chocolate, coffee and more, depending on the season. Together, you will prepare “hand-made” granita, following the traditional method used in the past when the fridge didn’t exist!

You will then get to sit down with your fellow cooks and enjoy the delicious granita you have made, with an accompanying typical roll. We will throw in tastings of typical Sicilian patisserie produce, liqueurs, mineral water and coffee to complement your brunch.


After the session, you will be given a copy of the granita recipe and a certificate of attendance.


  • Duration: half a day
  • Departure: 8:30am from Piazza Duomo – Acireale (CT)
  • Languages: Italiano and English
  • Available: all year round
  • Included in cost: food shopping at the market, brunch and food tasting *
  • Minumum number of participants: 6

Participants will be provided with all the equipment needed for the food preparation in the kitchen lab.

* Participants may have lunch in our partner restaurant (not included in the price)

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